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the QA web pages

Hi people,

I've done some preliminary redesign actions regarding our web pages.
The result is at http://qa.debian.org/ , of course :)
I'm open to everyone's (well, not quite everyone's ;) ideas about
getting it to look better.

Raphael, I've made it use WML better, by adding a general template,
which has a header and a footer, all of these referenced with a
"#use" tag in all files, and located in /org/qa.debian.org/wml/templ/
directory on pandora.

I also made a Makefile which does things a bit better than the sh script, so
I think you should make your crontab (or whatever that thing is, which
auto-updates the pages) do a "make" in that directory (`make -C
/org/qa.debian.org/wml` should work). I've set up the script to work with
the templates, too, for now.

BTW please keep me in the CC:, i'm not currently subscribed to debian-qa

enJoy -*/\*- don't even try to pronounce my first name

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