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Bug#418630: Similar issues for a Samsung printer


I'm using 1.0.23-3 here and I'm facing similar issues. The device
is detected as

| uli@zox:~$ scanimage -L
| Failed cupsGetDevices
| device `smfp:usb;04E8;344F;Z72TB8KD4F00NFW' is a SAMSUNG SCX-3400 Series on USB Scanner

(I'm not sure what the CUPS-output is doing there...). Any "--mode"
argument I tried is rejected, both with and without the connecting "="
and with arguments "Gray", "Grayscale" and "Color". I couldn't get the
--preview option to work either.

BTW: Have you already forwarded this bug to upstream? I sense that this
mixture of different argument styles isn't something that can be
resolved here in Debian but rather something that requires a decision
from upstream first.



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