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Bug#718328: gperf: Please mark Multi-Arch: foreign

Package: gperf
Version: 3.0.3-2
Severity: normal
Tags: patch
User: ubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com
Usertags: origin-ubuntu ubuntu-patch saucy

I was about to do a QA upload with this change, but I see that Hilko's
in the process of adopting this package, so perhaps you could apply it?

gperf is architecture-dependent but provides an architecture-independent
interface, so it doesn't matter which architecture you get of it
provided that you can execute its binaries.  The way to declare this in
multiarch-speak is to declare it Multi-Arch: foreign.  A number of
packages build-depend on gperf, including such important ones as
coreutils, so making gperf Multi-Arch: foreign eases the process of
cross-building the base system because you can use the version from your
build architecture rather than having to arrange to be able to emulate
the version for the host architecture at build time.

diff -u gperf-3.0.3/debian/control gperf-3.0.3/debian/control
--- gperf-3.0.3/debian/control
+++ gperf-3.0.3/debian/control
@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@
 Package: gperf
 Architecture: any
+Multi-Arch: foreign
 Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}
 Replaces: libg++272-dev, libg++27-dev
 Description: Perfect hash function generator


Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson@ubuntu.com]

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