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Re: apt-build additional features

Hi Ilia,

On 02/07/13 09:53, Ilia wrote:
> Is it possible to add new feature to apt-build for better optimization
> like this: custom additional CFLAGS for some packages that will be
> listed in separate config file. Smth like:
> apt-build-cccflags.conf:
> firefox '-O2'
> geany '-O3 -flto'
> For example, firefox couldn't be compiled with -flto, but others can.
There is already a bug report:

Some month ago a worked [1] on a clean apt-build solution (usage of the
APT (Python-)API rather than wrapping around apt-get/aptitude) but it
resulted in rewriting APT in Python with some additional features
(related to building packages/managing source packages and local
repository etc.) so I stopped working on it. (There are also some
limitations in current Python-API.)
Perhaps the future of apt-build is improvement of the "--build" switch
of apt-get.


> And yes, I heard about gentoo, but it is very unstable and hard to manage.


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