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Bug#285561: Many Robert G. Ingersoll fortunes should not be marked offensive

tags 285561 wontfix

Thank you for reporting this bug.

I agree with your POV here, I don't think (most of) Ingersoll quotes are
offensive. Anyway, I am reluctant to move them out of off. This work should
be done by upstream, rather than by the debian maintainer (I am adopting
fortune-mod, BTW). OTOH, upstream seems vanished here, and not responding to my
mails. I plan to start working on fortune-mod as upstream too, deeply
reviewing all of the fortune database (which has several duplicated and other
inconsistencies) and fixing lots of bugs. When this effort starts, I'll take a
decision about this issue too.

Comments and suggestions by whoever are welcome.

Andrea Colangelo                     |   http://andreacolangelo.com
Ubuntu Developer  <www.ubuntu.com>   |   Debian Maintainer  <www.debian.org>

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