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Bug#175153: More information needed

Control: tag -1 + unreproducible


Francois-Denis Gonthier wrote on 12-Aug-2007:
> tags: moreinfo

This tag was never set, probably because the mail didn't go Cc to

> If you still care, please test with the recently uploaded boa version.

It likely hasn't been sent to the submitter either.

More information about that issue can be found at
(found via source code comment, host no more exists, hence the wayback
machine link) and
(found via duckduckgo)

I though can't reproduce this issue (false positive when running boa
as root) on a system with a current kernel (3.10 rc5 :-) and will
hence soon close this bug. It's over 10 years old and likely dependent
on the kernel the reporter used back then (2.4.16).

		Regards, Axel
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