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Bug#582137: Bug remains unfixed

I have just updated to version 1.06.95-6 of "dc".  From the Debian changelog
for version 1.06.95-3:

  * Applied patch from Paul Dwerryhouse.
    Closes: #472250: please return support for .dcrc file

That changelog entry is dated June 22, 2012, almost a year ago.  That bug, now
closed, appears to be a duplicate of this bug.  Unfortunately, despite what
the changelog says the .dcrc file is still not read when dc starts.

I am now using the bash function workaround that Stephen Gregory posted in
message 15 of this bug thread.  This works well, so the fact that this bug is
still open is not quite as pressing.

That said, there should be some clarification.  The .dcrc file is no longer
mentioned in the man page, yet the changelog indicates that this feature has
been added.  Is the upstream unwilling to add this feature?  A decision should
be made one way or the other to minimize confusion and prevent future bug

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