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Re: Motif

Hi Luca,

On 06-04-13 00:59, Luca Falavigna wrote:
> There's a nasty bug in dak, which prevents accepting a package if
> components are already available in a different section, as happened
> with motif, which shares libmotif-dev and libmotif4 with openmotif
> package.
> The workaround for this bug would require removing openmotif from
> unstable, and immediately upload motiv. This is not advisable right
> now because that would also trigger an automatic removal from Wheezy
> for openmotif because it has no reverse (build-)dependencies.
> The best solution at this point would be the following, IMO:
> 1) Upload motif in Ubuntu (with 0ubuntu1 as revision)
> 2) Have the override entries for motif deleted
> 3) Reupload motif in NEW
> 4) Wait for Wheezy to be released (very soon!)
> 5) Remove openmotif and immediately accept motif
> I'll take care of 2) myself, and I'm going to inform you about the
> time you can reupload motif again.

As the release of wheezy has happened this weekend. Is it now a good
time to follow up on the actions above?

We are eager to work on the transition of all the lesstif2 depending
packages to motif, so that we can release Jessie without lesstif2 (which
I will try to make a release goal).


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