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Bug#702447: libvigraimpex: typo: choosen -> chosen

Source: libvigraimpex
Version: 1.7.1+dfsg1-3
Severity: minor
Tags: patch

Please see the attached patch.

Jakub Wilk
--- a/test/sampler/test.cxx
+++ b/test/sampler/test.cxx
@@ -387,7 +387,7 @@
     /* when sampling k times without replacement
     the probability p of a sample not being picked is ((k-1)/k)^k
-    The distribution of the number of samples not being choosen is a
+    The distribution of the number of samples not being chosen is a
     binomial distribution with n = k and p = ((k-1)/k)^k.
     The expectation value of a binomial distribution is n*p ==>
     The percentage of samples not used is (n*p)/k = p
--- a/include/vigra/numerictraits.hxx
+++ b/include/vigra/numerictraits.hxx
@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@
     The return type of this function can not be 'unsigned char' because
     the summation would very likely overflow. Since we know the source
     type, we can easily choose 'int' as an appropriate return type.
-    Likewise, we would have choosen 'float' if we had to sum a 
+    Likewise, we would have chosen 'float' if we had to sum a 
     sequence of floats. If we want to make this 
     algorithm generic, we would like to derive the appropriate return 
     type automatically. This can be done with NumericTraits. 

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