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Re: [SCM] Motif widgetset library branch, master, updated. 4751c883f4b27e8e34c0da1e195555ff71740fa1

On 17-02-13 09:39, Paul Gevers wrote:
> On 17-02-13 09:20, Paul Gevers wrote:
>> Why did you remove the Breaks/Replaces? libmrm4 contains files that used
>> to be in libmotif3/libmotif4, so I believe they are needed to prevent
>> co-installation.
> Hmm, I think I understand. As you removed all common files, these
> packages should not contain any conflicting files anymore.
> I am checking this after building if this is true.
> Paul

Gee, I must be a fool this morning. You already placed them back in your
last commit. Sorry for the noise.


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