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Bug#681147: marking for classification by piuparts-analyze

On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 15:55:43 +0200, Andreas Beckmann wrote:

> Control: found -1 diffmon/20020222-2.5
> Control: found -1 kuvert/2.0.7
> Control: found -1 mcron/1.0.6-1
> Marking this bug as found in some package/version combinations where it
> is detected by piuparts to allow automatic classification by
> piuparts-analyze. These packages depend on mail-transport-agent, and
> because there exist non-buggy packages that provide this dependency,
> piuparts-master lets the slave check this package, but during the test
> the buggy sendmail mail-transport-agent will be used ... making this bug
> show up elsewhere.
Please don't abuse the BTS for private piuparts purposes.  Use usertags
if you like, but 'found' doesn't mean what you say above...


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