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Bug#697402: bzr-gtk: causes crash in pydoc -k when python-gtk2 is also installed

Control: reassign -1 python
Control: severity -1 important

On Sat, Jan 26, 2013 at 10:29:27 +0000, Matthew Woodcraft wrote:

> Debian has in the past contained Python packages which have side-effects
> when imported which are worse than just crashing the calling process
> (for example, I've had pydoc crash my window manager).
> Arguably all such cases are bugs in those packages, but it seems likely
> that such bugs will appear again. And of course the user might have
> local Python packages which do dangerous things when imported.
> So I think pydoc is just wrong to believe it can safely call
> pkgutil.walk_packages() with no explicit path.
> (This behaviour can be particularly entertaining when combined with
> zsh's tab-completion for 'python -m', which currently calls pydoc in a
> similar way [#691638].)
This is clearly not a bzr-gtk bug, and critical seems over the top, so
downgrading and moving to python, which ships pydoc.


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