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Bug#524149: Hey! Lets fix this for Wheezy

BLT needs fixing RIGHT NO. No more delay.

If the maintainer of this package is not a blt user, I can understand that this does not seem like a big thing. But, speaking bluntly, blt is an old piece of software that is barely (if at all maintained) by its original author. Nevertheless, we are heavily dependent upon it in our research. All the other distributions except Debian have patched this thing. Lets step forward. please.

In the Swarm Simulation System, we use blt to draw graphs as simulations run. This was awesome in tcktk <= 8.4. Blt DOES NOT WORK AT ALL with tcltk8.5.

I first ran into this problem when I was an Ubuntu user. Here's the bug report about it there.


It seems obvious to me this should have been done in Debian in 2010. If Ubuntu did it, why not Debian.

For details on the fix, please skip down to:


I did not write the fix. The Fedora blt maintainers wrote two patches for blt in 2010. Since then, I have been applying those patches to blt packaging on my Ubuntu and Debian. They work fine.

So, to the package maintainer, please consider installing these patches to blt


I just re-compiled blt on Debian Wheezy beta 4. It doesn't run as compiled, but it does run as patched.

Please let me know what is holding us back on this.


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