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Bug#694557: APT paths aren't built properly

Package: apt-build
Priority: serious


apt-config is used to join APT pathes. But it is not used properly. Each
"item" is joined together:
 eval $(apt-config shell etcdir Dir::Etc)
 eval $(apt-config shell sourceslist Dir::Etc::sourcelist)
 eval $(apt-config shell sourcesparts Dir::Etc::sourceparts)
 ... /"$etcdir""$sourceslist" /"$etcdir""$sourcesparts"/*.list ...

This will work in most cases but if the config value is not relative (or
if rootdir DIR was changed manually), this will produce unexpected paths.

Example: If Dir::Etc::sourcelist is set to "/foobar.list" with current
join method this will result in "/etc//foobar.list" which is of course
*not* "/foobar.list" -> APT does not find source entry of apt-build ->
instalation of packages built with apt-build isn't possible.

Solution: Use apt-config properly (with /f or /d suffix to build paths).


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