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Bug#490113: fingerprint reader 100% busy after loggin in with wdm

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Hi Tino,

I know, nobody replied to that bug report of yours yet. I stumbled
upon it when looking through the bug reports against wdm as I use wdm
on a Thinkpad myself.

Tino Keitel wrote:
> Everytime I log in in wdm, the fingerprint reader of my thinkpad is 100%
> busy, causing it to get very hot. Here is the powertop -d output:
> The file thinkfinger.bir is in the home directory of the user that wants to
> log in. It looks like the path to the user's home directory is unset in the
> thinkfinger PAM module if it is invoked by wdm. Other PAM aware applications
> like login and sudo work fine.

As thinkfinger has been replaced by libfprint, do you still have such
issues with wdm and the fingerprint reader?

What kind of Thinkpad do you have? Mine (T61) seems to have a different
fingerprint reader (lsusb reports "SGS Thomson Microelectronics
Fingerprint Reader").

		Regards, Axel
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