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Bug#193061: Please provide free game data for LGeneral

Hi everyone,

i intend to adopt LGeneral and would like to maintain it as part of the
Debian Games Team. I'm also cc'ing Moritz and Drew because you seemed
to be interested in LGeneral in the past and to let you know what i've found
out about the "replacement" files.

It's technically possible to substitute the game data of Panzer General
with the files provided at lgames.sourceforge.net. That wouldn't create
the most beautiful game on earth though. Again the main issue is about
finding the original creators and to obtain a free license from them. At
the moment these files don't provide any kind of copyright information.

I've created a wiki page for LGeneral where i collect links to potential
free game data for LGeneral.


One of my ideas is to use files from
http://kukgen.tripod.com/ and create WW1 scenarios provided i can use
them with a free license. That's work in progress. I also try to
reintroduce a new version of LGeneral with lgc-pg.

You can find more information at this thread. 



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