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Bug#685798: medit : perl syntax highlighting bugs

Package: medit
Version: 1.0.93-1
Severity: minor

The perl syntax highlighting of medit is somewhat broken.

To reproduce:
Open medit, set Document->Language->Scripts->Perl

Type the following (excluding the 'snip'-lines):
------ snip -------
my ($mx, $my)=($e->x, $e->y );

# this is printed in red like a string caused by the 'y' above
# ; this is additionally underlined caused by the semicolon
------ snip -------

Replacing y by s,q,or m shows the same effect; using other letters
dont trigger this behaviour.

Unfortunately, the config file for perl syntax highlighting is
way too complex for me to understand, so I can't offer a fix.

I am using debian wheezy amd64 with a german keyboard.

Thanks for Debian !




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