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Bug#684034: phoronix-test-suite not usable in China.

Package: phoronix-test-suite
Version: 3.8.0-1

The phoronix-test-suite package downloads files from sourceforge.net, and sourceforge.net is blocked in China. (Debian mirrors, of course, are not blocked).

Is there any way you could provide alternative download mirrors for the benchmarks? Downloading those huge benchmarks through a VPN is absolutely brutal.  My VPN bandwidth is only about 70KB/sec.  For some reason, the openarena benchmark mirrors downloaded very fast and aren't blocked in China so I don't need VPN. The pts/nexuiz-1.6.0 mirrors are all blocked here in China which causes the download to fail completely.  I've tried other benchmarks / tests and the majority of them seem to depend heavily on sourceforge.net mirrors making the phoronix-test-suite mostly unusable here in China without expensive VPNs.


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