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Bug#681578: Manpage reports different config file to that used by the package

Package: i8kutils
Version: 1.33
Severity: minor


Very minor bug (in the documentation) but it could cause problems,
especially in derived distros that hide the boot messages: usage of the
system config file is inconsistent between i8kmon and the documentation.

* i8kmon     - script uses /etc/i8kmon.conf
* i8kmon.1  - manpage suggests that this config file is
/etc/default/i8kmon (several times)

The example init scripts, however, use /etc/default/i8kmon as a config
file to be used by the init system:

* debian/i8kutils.i8kmon.init  - sources /etc/default/i8kmon and so
expects sh commands
* debian/i8kutils.i8kmon.default  - comment suggests that it should be
called /etc/default/i8kmon

So anyone reading the i8kmon manpage will add instructions like "set
config(...)..." to /etc/default/i8kmon, which will cause the init script
to error.

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