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Bug#669480: #669480: w3c-html-validator is 100% broken by recent w3c-sgml-lib

* Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> [2012-04-19]:
> Here's what happens when I try to validate a (100% valid) XHTML 1.0
> document, now that w3c-sgml-lib has been changed in a way that breaks
> w3c-html-validator:

Is wdg-html-validator still broken in this regard?
(I could not reproduce it, but I do not know which file you used to get
that behavior. But I see you filed some bugs with w3c-sgml-lib that look
somehow related and where fixed and there are new ikiwiki uploads, so
I guess it might be fixed).

If the problem is gone, please close this bug (#669480).

Thanks in advance,
        Bernhard R. Link

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