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Bug#674006: libwvstreams4.6-base 4.6.1-4 ----- wvdial stopped working

Dear Gregor Herrmann,

As you were the kind DD who fixed the gcc 4.7 failure to build for libwvstreaams4.6-base, I am emailing you
regarding this bug since you might be able to do a QA upload.

This bug relates to further problems with libwvstreams4.6-base when building with gcc 4.7 rather than gcc 4.6.

The compiler aggressively optimizes causing a  failure when trying to use the wvdial package.

The fedora project has also found a problem with gcc 4.7 and wvstreams package.

The assert error
wvdial: utils/wvtask.cc:409: static void WvTaskMan::_stackmaster(): Assertion
`magic_number == -0x123678' failed.

thrown by wvdial is caused by a failure in libwvstreams4.6-base.

In particular the variable magicnumber should be marked volatile to prevent compiler optimizations.

I attach the Fedora version of the patch. It may need to be refreshed for use in

The original discussion at Fedora for this bug is found at:

Please note wvdial is a way of dialing a 3G cell phone modem for internet connection.
It is thus important for accessing the internet for some users.

Would you be able to refresh this patch and upload to Debian?

I am unable to do this since I am a lowly uploader for an unrelated packages festival and speech-tools.
I have no archive upload privileges to Debian.

If you are unable to address this, do you know the correct DD to assist since it appears to me the package is
an orphan?

with the very best regards,

Peter Drysdale
(Uploader for festival and speech-tools)

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