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Bug#673301: useless use of dpkg-statoverride

package: gnunet
version: 0.9.2-1

Hi Bertrand,

as you will have noticed, I've sponsored your gnunet upload to sid ;-) 

I've done that, despite that I think your use of dpkg-statoverride is wrong, 
based on my experiences with munin, where I've removed a similar usage in 
April, which was in place since 5 years or so.

My reading of "man dpkg-statoverride" is, that it's a tool for 
_administrators_ to (permanently!) override a package maintainers decission, 
ie for making binaries setuid which are non-setuid in the package (or vice-
versa or whatever).

In the packaging scripts, chmod+chown can+should be used.

See munin-node's postinst script (attached) for an example how to get rid off 
the overrides, without doing so on every package upgrade.


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