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Re: merging w3c-dtd-xhtml and w3c-sml-lib: ten days to object or find issues

Nicholas Bamber wrote:
> Hmm well the old vesion of w3c-dtd-xhtml provided w3c-dtd-xhtml. This
> one does not. Still I see it showing up as a Provides in PTS. I am not
> sure if something needs to be done in some mysterious Debian server to
> resolve that but the 1.2-2 version of w3c-sgml-lib does NOT have a
> Provides clause.

w3c-sgml-lib 1.2-1 does provide/conflict/replace w3c-dtd-xhtml.

> Please could you send me one or more HTML files that you would accept
> as an objective test as whether wdg-html-validator is working and what
> you expect as an output.

See end of transcript in my previous mail.

> 	Also what happens when you force through the installation of
> w3c-dtd-xhtml version 1.2-2 and w3c-sgml-lib? Does
> wdg-html-validator behave itself for you then?

update-xmlcatalog: error: entity already registered with a different value
 Entity   : [delegatePublic publicIdStartString="-//W3C//ENTITIES Latin 1 for XHTML//EN"]
 Old value: [catalog="file:///etc/xml/w3c-sgml-lib.xml"]
 New value: [catalog="file:///etc/xml/w3c-dtd-xhtml.xml"]
dpkg: error processing w3c-dtd-xhtml (--install):

And in this state, no, validate does not work.

see shy jo

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