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Bug#665461: Bug #665461: makedev: GNU/kFreeBSD needs ttyv[0-9]*.

tags 665461 pending

El 31 de març de 2012 0:26, Mats Erik Andersson
<mats.andersson@gisladisker.se> ha escrit:
> The install image for GNU/kFreeBSD from last summer forced
> makedev upon me, and now when I conducted an upgrade, this
> bug hit me, and an hour later also a user in Argentine,
> see #665472.

I see.  Looks like the safety check I requested for MAKEDEV.sh itself
should also be added to postinst (there's no need to bother about tty
names or such).

> I have merged the two bugs into one; not sure how to
> proceed. Bdale Garbee updated makedev eight days ago,
> and has received a copy of this suggestion in mending
> the package. With some luck he will contribute with ideas.

Bdale's update was to orphan the package, we shouldn't bother him with this.

I've just done a QA upload to fix the problem.  Thanks for pointing out.

Robert Millan

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