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Bug#665535: glabels adoption

If you can add a fix for #665535 using the information from the linked build log [0], I can sponsor the upload - although this is likely to be a single sponsoring to avoid an RC bug arising in the future. (#665535 needs to be fixed by either your next upload or the upload immediately following that or glabels will get an RC bug once glib is updated in unstable.)

However, I will stipulate that you need to fix #660642 as that has a patch which, although it might not apply directly, does appear to be the right fix. (It's a fix which should also go upstream because the upstream team who released 2.2.8 clearly didn't understand internationalisation of desktop files properly.)

If either of these bugs are fixed in the new upstream version, you need to update those bug reports as soon as possible - tagging them pending and adding them to the Closes listing in debian/changelog.

If the bugs are fixable with changes, you'll need a 3.0.0-2 upload to mentors.debian.net with the changes. (Same if your 3.0.0-1 build fails any of my sponsoring requirements [1]).

I don't know if mentors.debian.net still allows re-uploads without a change in the debian changelog version, I'd prefer that any changes are done as 3.0.0-2, even adding new Closes listings to the changelog itself.

I haven't even looked at your 3.0.0-1 package yet and there is zero chance of me sponsoring an upload until you've shown that #665535 is fixed. (Best way to do that is to install the glib from experimental inside a pbuilder sid chroot and build the package there.)

As it is a new upstream version, you also need to test each of the existing bug reports with the new version and mark those which still apply as "found 3.0.0-2",  those which you can reproduce with 2.2.8-3 but fixed in 3.0.0-2 need to be added to your 3.0.0-2 debian/changelog as Closes, those which you cannot reproduce in 2.2.8-3 need to be tagged "moreinfo" and/or "unreproducible" in the BTS and submitters asked if the bug still occurs.

(I'll take care of including the 3.0.0-1 changelog entry in the eventual upload, as well as the -sa to cover the new .orig tarball.)

My normal sponsoring requirements still apply. [1]

Let me know when you have a suitable upload at mentors.debian.net.

The new glib is due to arrive in unstable within a few weeks - if a suitable version is not ready by that time, I'll do a QA upload of 2.2.8-4 to fix just bugs #665535 and #660642 but I would prefer that the package gains a maintainer who can fix and triage the rest of the bugs too.

[0] http://people.debian.org/~biebl/glib-single-include/glabels_2.2.8-3.log

[1] http://people.debian.org/~codehelp/#sponsor


Neil Williams

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