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Bug#621645: gnunet - new upstream

retitle 621645 gnunet - new upstream available

On Sun, 18 Mar 2012 21:01:04 +0100
"Jan-Hendrik (hennr) Peters" <hennr@hennr.name> wrote:

> 0.9.2 is out.
> Any progress?

From the PTS:

> This package has been orphaned, but someone intends to maintain it.
> Please see bug number #660438 for more information.

0: An orphaned package has no maintainer, so the bug emails go to a
mailing list. It would help enormously if the subject line and contents
of the emails to the bug report actually named the package concerned.

1: The indication that someone intends to maintain it comes from the
PTS as the orphaning bug has been retitled to an ITA. The owner of that
ITA is CC:'d.

That's about all that can be said about gnunet AFAICT.

-- http://packages.qa.debian.org/g/gnunet.html

Neil Williams

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