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Bug#663747: [rene@debian.org: Bug#663747: FTBFS with LibreOffice 3.5: basis-link gone/uninstallable with LibreOffice 3.5]

Filing this as important for now but this bug will become serious when LibreOffice
3.5.x gets uploaded to sid (and this *will* happen before the wheezy freeze)

I should have time to apply that patch to 2.0-1 within the next week or two; I will do so as soon as I can.

[1] and you even missed -12, but that happily only was a simple rebuild so this
upload should have worked. Bad nevertheless.

I submitted this package for upload last summer (around July 2011), but Moritz Muelenhoff (my sponsor) was very busy so it didn't get uploaded until now. That may be why your changes were not incorporated into it. In any case, I will fix it soon.

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