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Bug#591467: On the request of scim-bridge removal

Hello everyone (including those on the fence ;-) )

On 27.02.2012 00:37, Aron Xu wrote:
> After receiving such a private email from the one who showed his 
> interest on maintaining scim-bridge, aka the maintainer of scim 
> package in Debian, I am convinced the package should be removed from 
> Debian.

And frankly, Aron, you have completely discredited yourself by
publishing a private mail, one that you completely misunderstood to boot!

About a minute before I received above mail is when I had sent you a
lengthy mail trying to get you to understand what's been going on with
scim and how my perception differs from yours, trying to clear up your
misunderstanding that I was flaming you.  Oh boy, looks like more wasted

The state of things is as it is simply because of a bunch of incorrect
information, some of it right in this ticket.  I'd already be
maintaining scim-bridge for more than a year, slowly improving it, if it
hadn't been for this misinformation which I took mostly at face value.
I gave up prematurely, my bad, big deal. I'm back in the game.

Let's get back to work, shall we?  More than enough time wasted on
trying to kill scim prematurely already.



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