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Migration on good tracks


glew is almost OK, so I've just asked ftpmasters to decruft it, meaning
those binaries were removed from unstable:
  libglew1.6 libglewmx1.6

Broken packages (in unstable): arb/non-free openmsx rlvm spring tulip

The following packages are marked as bad on the tracker[1]:
 - arb/non-free, missing libmotif-dev on other platforms, so not
 - openmsx: binNMU FTBFS
 - rlvm: sid-only
 - spring: binNMU FTBFS
 - tulip: binNMU FTBFS, sid-only

 1. http://release.debian.org/transitions/html/glew.html

So I've hinted arb/non-free, openmsx, and spring for removal so that
the transition can happen. Since outdated binaries were still around,
I “simulated” a britney dry run by “forcing” glew in, which seemed to
work fine.

Hopefully tomorrow morning's (10:00Z) run should see packages migrate.

I'll make sure all the above-mentioned packages have bugs filed against
them, and I'll see what needs to be done to remove old glew binaries
from testing.


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