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Introducing the Freedom Golf Club

Have you ever wondered which club to put in your bag next? 

Another fairway wood, or a hybrid or long iron? 

What if you could have just one club that's super easy to hit up into the air and L O N G... and here's the kicker, with it's EXTREMELY LOW center of gravity and super-forgiving perimeter weighting, it's designed so that just by changing your hand position on the grip - which changes the lag point - you can hit it anywhere from 5 wood distance to 3 wood distance with the accuracy of a hybrid? 

Now you can... it's the patented Freedom 345. 

***View Attached Form for More Information***

The Freedom 345 is as easy to hit as a 7 iron, but with the distance of a fairway wood. 

It is the perfect club for any golfer that's looking for more accuracy, more distance and more consistency from their fairway woods. It's like having 3 clubs in one!

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