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Bug#654524: wmaker FTBFS on all architectures when building only arch packages

Source: wmaker
Severity: serious
Version: 0.95.0+20111028-1

FTBFS on this line in debian/rules:
# Fix perms for /usr/share/WindowMaker/*sh
chmod +x debian/wmaker-common/usr/share/WindowMaker/autostart.sh
chmod: cannot access
`debian/wmaker-common/usr/share/WindowMaker/autostart.sh': No such
file or directory

wmaker-common is an architecture-independent package, so autostart.sh
is never installed to debian/wmaker-common/usr/share/WindowMaker since
the buildd don't rebuild indep packages (dh_install was only called
with the -a flag, not the -i flag that would be needed to install

Possible fix:
have debian/rules check if the debian/wmaker-common directory exists
before trying to change the permissions of those two scripts.

Rodolfo, you can put a fixed package up on mentors. I'll check it out
and sponsor it for you when you're ready.


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