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Bug#546418: libenchant1c2a: Command enchant, problems with

On Sun, Sep 13, 2009 at 11:47:05AM +0300, Tapio Lehtonen wrote:
> Package: libenchant1c2a
> Version: 1.4.2-3.3
> Severity: normal

Hi, Tapio.

Recently prepared a QA upload for enchant and am now looking at other bug
reports for it,
> Man page for enchant does not mention option -d (nor -h).
> $ enchant -h
> Usage: enchant [options] -a|-d dict|-l|-L|-m|-v[v]|<file>
>        -a lists alternatives.
>        -d dict uses dictionary <dict>.
>        -l lists misspellings.
>        -m is ignored.
>        -L displays line numbers.
>        -v displays program version.

Not only that, -a does not list alternatives, but means pipe mode in the same
was as for ispell

> Furhermore enchant -d fi and -d fi_FI do not produce the same result.
> Looks like -d fi works as expected, -d fi_FI makes strange results.

> $ cat test-material-for-enchant-2.txt 
> Hallinnolliset tiedot
> Tietoa tästä ohjeesta
> This manual was created for Sarge's debian-installer, based on the
> Woody 
> installation manual for boot-floppies, which was based on earlier
> Debian 
> installation manuals, and on the Progeny distribution manual which was 
> released under GPL in 2003.

Is this still true?

> $ enchant -l -d fi < test-material-for-enchant-2.txt
> $ enchant -l -d fi_FI < test-material-for-enchant-2.txt

seems to work well here (Note that this is enchant 1.6.0, so this problem
may have been fixed in the meantime)

> According to enchant-lsmod, a different backend is used for fi_FI than
> for fi.
> $ enchant-lsmod -list-dicts
> fi (voikko)
> en (ispell)
> en_PH (ispell)
> en_US (ispell)
> fi_FI (myspell)
> tr (zemberek)

This is also the result here, but voikko seems indeed used for both fi anf

$ enchant-lsmod -lang fi
fi (voikko)

$ enchant-lsmod -lang fi_FI
fi_FI (voikko)

Will try to look deeper when I have time.

> At least the man pages needs more material. Maybe the program works as
> intended, but the docs should document the intentions.

Agreed. There are already two patches for that man page and as mentioned
above more changes are needed.

Thanks for your feedback,



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