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Bug#219436: libenchant1: binaries should go into a separate package

tag 219436 +pending
tag 640788 +pending

On Thu, Nov 13, 2003 at 03:39:46PM +0100, Agustin Martin Domingo wrote:
> Gregor Hoffleit wrote.
> >Section 8.2 of the Debian policy says that run-time support packages
> >must not be put in a shared library package. Please consider moving
> >"enchant" and "enchant-lsmod" into another package ("enchange" or
> >"enchant-runtime").
> I think that files are not really runtime files, but intended to
> test the library version against which they were compiled, although
> enchant can have some not very frequent use standalone (Am I wrong,
> Masayuki?).

Since enchant program can be used standalone for some purposes I now think
differently. I have committed changes for this to enchant collab-maint git


with programs moved to a new 'enchant' package.

I would like to play a bit more before sending a QA upload, but in the
meantime I am tagging this bug report as pending.



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