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Bug#637057: [php-maint] Bug#637057: Installing php5-idn makes apache2 segfault (if using the php5 module)

severity 637057 normal

On Monday 08 August 2011 02:09:26 Raphaël Hertzog wrote:
> Further inspection seems to indicate that it must not be loaded at the
> same time as php5-intl... since loading it without loading php5-intl
> works.

Yes, intl is meant to replace idn and to make it backwards-compatible a couple 
of functions are exported under the same name, causing the conflict.

> This package has been removed from unstable, but maybe we should do in
> stable what we did in unstable:
> - update the libphp-simplepie dependency to php5-intl

That's up to whoever is behind libphp-simplepie. -idn also provided a few 
other functions which -intl doesn't.

> - make php5-intl conflict with php5-idn

No. It's a runtime conflict and therefore policy's "don't add a Breaks/Conflict" 
recommendation applies.
However, the conflict was meant to be handled by the extensions manager, but 
that's another story...

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