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Bug#641227: Uses non-functional blacklist

Package: policyd-weight
Severity: important
Tags: sid

policyd-weight in the default configuration in unstable uses
rbl.ipv6-world.net which is no longer functional. 
This is fixed in the version 0.1.15 beta-2 on www.policyd-weight.org.
Of course you can fix it with an indivdual policyd-weight.conf
file, but of course that's non-default.

Since end of 2011-08 this blacklist causes every now and then ham mails
to be classified as spam on the default REJECTLEVEL=1. (rate: 11.312)
This error is not obvious, as the blacklist seems to work, but it does

You might think this doesn't need to be fixed and people that are
troubled by it should create an appropriate config file instead.
But a fix would save people a lot of trouble.

Best regards


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