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Bug#557709: wdm: "Exit login" doesn't work

2009/11/23 Frank Küster <frank@debian.org>:
> Package: wdm
> Version: 1.28-3.2
> Severity: normal
> Hi,
> when I choose "Exit login" (in the list that also contains shutdown
> etc. and has login as default), the screen turns into pink bricks, but I
> don't get to a console. Also pressing Alt+F1 or Ctrl-Alt+F1 doesn't
> help.  It also seems that blind typing doesn't work.
> Of course, switching to a console first and running /etc/init.d/wdm stop
> works.

Hi, Franck,

Just uploaded a wdm QA and looked at some of the remaining bug
reports. I am aware that this bug report is 2 years old, so you may no
longer use wdm.

Unless selected otherwise in wdm config file you need to authenticate
as root for 'Exitlogin' to work under wdm. I tested yesterday in a
squeeze box and worked as expected. Do you remember if you did it in
the same way?

If not, I guess after exitlogin failure you were hit by merged (and
already fixed)

#448647:  wdm: Does not work a second time
#472703: wdm: Sometimes I cannot login, Enter doesn't work

leading to different login problems

Please provide these details, if you remember them,

Thanks in advance,


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