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Bug#629464: pacpl: uses Switch.pm, removed in perl 5.14

Source: pacpl
Version: 4.0.5-4
User: debian-perl@lists.debian.org
Usertags: perl-5.14-transition

This package contain code using the perl module Switch, which is
deprecated and will be removed from the core in perl 5.14 (currently
in experimental).

$ grep -r 'use Switch' .
./.pc/10_twolame_mp3_enc.patch/pacpl:use Switch;
./pacpl:use Switch;

Please consider not using this deprecated module, or Depend/Build-Depend
as appropriate on:

libswitch-perl | perl (<< 5.10.1-13)

Switch statements (given/when) have been added to the core:


Dominic Hargreaves | http://www.larted.org.uk/~dom/
PGP key 5178E2A5 from the.earth.li (keyserver,web,email)

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