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Bug#623204: xbae: New upstream version 4.60.4 available

Package: xbae
Version: 4.60.2-3
Severity: minor

A new upstream version is available at

Upstream changelog head as follows:

Xbae Release 4.60.4
* Copy the fontlists and rendertable
* Fix a couple of build issues (settings for docs directories).
* Bind DefaultAct to BtnUp and BtnDown on the textWidget (like it is for
  the matrix) to disentangle it from the label activation.
* When the selectCellCB is triggered the row, col are now those of the cell
  being edited when the event is a keyboard event
* Replace the clickEventHandler by a new action Label()
* Ungrab the pointer if the pointer is released over a cell widget or
  a scrollbar when resizing a row/column.
* Allow all actions to be bound to cell widgets, not just editcell
* Dont free cell pixmaps when a row/column is removed
* Improve font selection fallback when a tag can't be found
* Store textChild and userWidgets row/col in constraint resources
* Rework event row/col localisation again
* Put static XrmQuarks in Class record to simplify their initialisation
* Start to drag-select only if the first parameter to ScrollSelectACT
is PointerExtend,
  then on subsequent calls to selectCellCB pass all parameters given
to the action
  with the first one replaced by Extend

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