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Re: Bug#465900: perlsgml: requesting removal


thanks for your note.

On 09/04/11 23:11, Torsten Werner wrote:
it has been suggested that the package dh-kpatches should be removed
from unstable but it is a Build-Depends of your package. Is it possible
the remove this Build-Depends? Please see bug report #465900 for more

If dh-kpatches wouldn't be available anymore, I would need to replace it by another tool (doing the same thing) for xenomai and rtai which would need some work.

In #465900 I can see that the idea of removing dh-kpatches comes from the urge of removing alcovebook-sgml (with dh-kpatches build-depending on it). Maybe we can make dh-kpatches build without alcovebook-sgml?

I find dh-kpatches helpful for building easily applicable patches from a bunch of diffs, even if make-kpkg doesn't support appying kernel patches directly anymore.



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