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Re: Dropping unversioned kernel links/copies; adding linux-version command

Hello, all. I'm not a packager but GRUB2 upstream maintainer and so I'll
speak from our point of view.
> Dropping unversioned kernel links/copies
Go for it. These files are just a nuisance
> As I understand it, the main reason for these is to allow boot loaders
> to be configured using the unversioned link names, so that neither users
> nor maintainers have to update the configuration for new kernel
> versions.
Hm, goal not really accomplished. But I'll provide some GRUB2
configuration snippets to accomplish this with scanning the kernel list
at boot time if some admins don't want to rely on update-grub being
correctly run. These scripts would just be an alternative, not default.
> - Comparing and sort versions (grub gets this wrong)
Trouble comes from Debian adopting seemingly unpredictable version
suffixes. Could you perhaps provide a spec on how to compile 2 Linux
versions so we all get it right and done in the same way?
> With version 3.2 of linux-base, I've added the command 'linux-version'
> which should make these things easier, and should help you to generate
> kernel version menus without the aid of links.
Haven't checked it yet. However I would like to avoid using
debian-specific tool if possible. So I'd prefer a spec.

Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko

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