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Bug#565242: libdb-dev: db4.8 breaks multiple programs

retitle 565242 libdb-dev: db4.8 breaks sendmail
thank you

Hi Richard,

could you confirm that this is still an issue? The db-defaults was
meanwhile upgraded to depend on db5.1, so the situation has changed

Last message from clint was:

> Okay, so the issue here is that makemap is creating a 0-byte access.db file
> (in order to lock it?), and this is what's breaking BDB 4.8.  I suggest not
> doing this, and letting BDB create the file itself and use its own locking.

I guess either the sendmail needs a fix or you depend on libdb4.7-dev
for now. (However I would like to slowly narrow down the number of db*
versions in unstable.)

Ondřej Surý <ondrej@sury.org>

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