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Bug#454286: Debian Bug #454286

On 03/19/2011 01:49 AM, Michelle Konzack wrote:
Hello Rodolfo,

It seems, I have to change the  owner  of  the  bug  to  my  new  E-Mail

Do you know the command, how I can change ANY bugreports  with  the  old
E-Mail to the new one?

In my oppinion, you are now subscribed with both mails :-) because you sent an email with this new email.
Am 2011-03-18 00:17:18, schrieb Rodolfo kix Garcia:
Hi Michelle,

I found this bug with wmmixer. Do you need this feature yet?
Yes, now it is more importandt because if I startmy FVWM which swallows
3 instances (onbord and two Audigy ZS) of wmmixer I have to check where
the right mixer is

If you can correct this bug it would be a very great service. I am open
for immediately testing if it works under Squeeze (production system)

Ok, taking a look on the wmmixer, this application is developed to support *one* mixer device, and show this device in the dock widget. The configuration file accepts channels using a number: "addchannel 0", and "0" is the first channel of the selected device. You can change the device using the correct parameter when you launch the application.

You need (else, correct me) that one dock supports multiple soundcards, then:

1. The parameter (-m) to select the device must be changed to support multiple devices 2. Because in the configuration file you select only the channel "0" as a number, and not the device, the configuration file needs to be changed to support multiple soundcards. Then, should accept something like "addchannel 0,1" for the souncard "0" and the channel "1" 3. You need to check the device list sort, because if one device was in /dev/mixer and now is /dev/mixer0, then the channels are affecting to other device. 4. Because now you have multiple devices, the application must to know what device is selected, and need to have a list of devices. In the source, the class "WMMixer" has only one device and should be changed to an array. For this reason, abstraction between the devices and the user interfaces is needed to do that.

After read the source, to do that, we need to rewrite the full application.

Is possible to do that? probably. But the problem is that the current application and the new application will be completely different.

In my oppinion, this "bug" is not a real bug, is not a little patch, is a new application design, and the bug should be closed.



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