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ispell 3.3.02 uploaded to experimental


I uploaded new, but already 6 years old, upstream version of ispell to
experimental yesterday. Your package either provides ispell-dictionary,
or  depends/recommends/suggests/build-depends on ispell, and I'd be glad
if you could spend some time to check if the new version works with your

The dictionaries generated by old version of ispell are not compatible
with the new one, thus all ispell-dictionaries need to be rebuild. If
you are a maintainer of such a dictionary package, please check whether
the dictionary rebuilds fine with the new ispell. If your dictionary
package doesn't use the ispell-autobuildhash method, it will need to be
re-uploaded (with Build-Depends and Depends set to ispell >= 3.3.02)
when new ispell hits unstable.

I'm thinking of uploading the new version to unstable in a week or two
(i.e. 20th or 26th of March). Please report any issues through BTS.

Best Regards,

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