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Bug#611607: Upsteam Bug Report closed

Bacula Bugs have closed my bug report with the following comment.

"This appears to me to be a support request, and there is no indication that you have already sought support. www.bacula.org ->Getting Support

In the main manual under the bconsole configuration section it rather clearly explains the authorization mechanism, which is rather strict to avoid break-ins.

You haven't supplied *any* information about why the setip command doesn't work, but I would guess that it says that you are using an unauthorized console.

Please read the manual again, and ask for support help. If you can come back with some specific proof why it doesn't work with all the appropriate configurations and output messages, we will look at it again. "

I think I have read the manual and it isn't working as it should.
Perhaps I'll try again.

I'd be interested to hear from someone that it works as advertised for them.

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