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Bug#572061: cuneiform: Input format not documented

clone 572061 -1
retitle -1 cuneiform: suboptimal handling of multi-page documents
tags -1 + upstream

The input format is not documented.

It is documented, although admittedly not in a very prominent place. Quoting readme.txt:

   If you have ImageMagick++ on your system, Cuneiform autodetects and
   builds against it. Then Cuneiform can process any image that
   ImageMagick knows how to open.

When a PDF file is given as the input, gs appeares on the process list
and after a while message "Killed" is written to the console withou
any additional information.

Don't do that then! :)

As far as I can tell, currently all the pages are rendered and loaded to memory (if they fit, which is usually not the case) but only the first one is actually OCRed.

Jakub Wilk

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