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Bug#609258: KRadio4 4.0.2 upstream bugfix release

Package: kradio4
Version: 4.0.1-1
Severity: minor

Dear Debian/KRadio Maintainers,

first thanks a lot for maintaining KRadio in Debian/Experimental! This
"bug" report ist  basically just a notification that  a bugfix release
4.0.2  of  KRadio  has  just  been  published.   It  provides  several
important bug  fixes for  stability and quality  of ALSA  sound, Pulse
Audio and Internet Radio Streams.  You can find details of the changes
in  the ChangeLog:

For more details  and source code packages, please  consult the KRadio


or just contact me.

With best regards and many thanks in advance,


Ernst Martin Witte
Email: emw@nocabal.de
WWW:   http://www.nocabal.de/~emw

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