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Bug#609075: Incorrect use of memset count/value and no null termination

Package: sdr
Version: 3.0-7
Severity: minor

In ./sdr_3.0/src/sap_crypt.c

  memset(keylist->keyname, MAXKEYLEN, 0);
  memset(keylist->key, MAXKEYLEN, 0);
  strncpy(keylist->keyname, keyname, MAXKEYLEN);
  strncpy(keylist->key, key, MAXKEYLEN);

It should be memset(keylist->keyname, 0, MAXKEYLEN) etc. Also strncpy does not gaurantee null termination. Maybe strncpy MAXKEYLEN - 1 once the memset is fixed, or solve equivalently.

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