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Bug#603450: Adopting offlineimap

Hi John!

* John Ferlito <johnf@inodes.org> [100719 15:22]:

> I've already done some work on cleaning up the package, so it is now
> lintian clean. Will begin work on fixing a whole heap of the bugs
> next.
> Am aiming to be come the new upstream maintainer.

Looking over the list of release critical bugs, I stumbled over the
package offlineimap, which currently has one release critical bug open
(and therefore risks of being removed from the release,
http:/bugs.debian.org/603450 for details).

I'm just wondering, if you are still interested in maintain this
package, and if you could help prepare a fix for this bug in time.  It
would be a shame, if we couldn't ship offlineimape any more :(

Best Regards,

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