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Bug#596291: offlineimap getting stuck when run with multiple threads/connections

This one time, at band camp, Rogério Brito said:
> As I reported in another bug (about offlineimap dying too easily under
> many circumstances), attached is what I see when I strace one of the
> running threads of offlineimap when it is run with 10 connections to
> initially mirror my gmail account to a local maildir.
> I am not trying anymore to push the messages to the gmail server---I am
> now trying to pull a fresh copy of them from there.
> If there is anything that would be desired and if I can reproduce it,
> then, please, let me know.


Just a me too report.  I'm seeing it die after fetching a few thousand
mails here, although the time to hang is variable.  I've tried running
it against both the lenny dovecot and the current bpo dovecot, and it's
the same.  I've also tried with both python 2.6 and 2.5 to see if the
recent python transition is what's broken it, but it also hangs with 2.5.
Below is the end of the debug imap output.  Trying to run debug thread
(which is where it seems to actually hang) throws a recursion exceeded
exception, which is slightly unhelpful :)

Thanks for looking at this.

Copy message 3166 from lists.clamav-users:
   Copy message 3166 IMAP[lists.clamav-users] -> Maildir[lists.clamav-users], LocalStatus[lists.clamav-users]
Copy message 3166 from lists.clamav-users:
   DEBUG[imap]:   49:23.94 > GAHI1199 UID FETCH 3166 (BODY.PEEK[])

The server is just sat in:
epoll_wait(5, {}, 4, 5000)              = 0

So it looks like they've somehow got out of sync with each other.  I'm
assuming the server thinks it's answered the last request, and
offlineimap thinks it's made the last request, so they're deadlocked
waiting for the other side to do something.

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