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Bug#306895: Reopening #306895: Wrong charset in myspell-bg

unarchive 306895
found 306895 3.0-5
retitle 306895 wrong charset in myspell-bg

Today I was bitten again by this bug, the fix for which was reverted 
in 3.0-5.

It seems that OpenOffice.org and the other libraries accessing the 
dictionary cannot settle on one valid encoding name. OO.o insists on 
microsoft-cp1251, while the rest of the world understands cp1251.

Either an universally-acceptible charset should be used, or the file should 
be converted to UTF-8, which everybody should understand.

Gedit and other hunspell-using applications seem to be happy with 
Windows-1251 and cp1251, while OO.o only accepts microsoft-cp1251.

Converting the file (and the .dic) to UTF-8 and setting the SET header 
to that makes everyone happy.

I'll try to provide a patch for using UTF-8 for myspell-bg.

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